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6 “le xuan tung” profiles




ThS. Lê Xuân Tùng

1. Personal data

Name: Xuan Tung LE Sex:Male Nationality:Vietnamese Date of birth:17 Aout 1969 Marital status:Married Employer:National economics university Profession:Lecturer Mobile0979417869 Emailtunglx69


2. Education

MBA., French Vietnamese Center of Management, 2002 BA in French., HaNoi University, 1994


3. Other training


4. Language & degree of proficiency


Vietnamese: Mother tongue French: Good English: Average


5. Computer experience


Microsoft Office


6. Experience record


Work experience


Employer: Hanoi University of Science and Technology

Position: Lecturer.

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Employer: National Economics University

Position: Official of Adminisstration Department.


Employer: National Economics University

Position: Vice Director of Testing education and Quality assurance Center.


Employer: National Economics University

Position: Deputy Head of Inspection, Quality assurance and Testing education Department.


Employer: National Economics University

Position: Head of Testing education and Quality assurance Department.

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Research experience

Conference papers

“The activities related to evaluating – assessing the educational and training models in certain credit hours in National Economics Universtity”. Conference on “Improvement of organizational model and the mechanism of training management”, Nghe An, July. 2010. “Student feedback: the supportive ways for the departments and faculties in fostering and improving the lecturers’ teaching capabilities”. Seminar on “Strengthening the role of the department to meet the requirements related to develop Natioanal Economics University in an oriented research university”, Nghe An, July. 2013. “Accreditation: effective tool to assess and ensure the quality of training towards standardizational orientation.” National Workshop on “Enhancing the quality of training and education in theinsurance sector in Vietnam”, Hà Nội, October 2014 “Targets and strategies for the Advanced, Excellent Educational and POHE programs in National Economics University in terms of satisfying the criteriea of prestigious international accreditation organizations”. International Conference on “Quality of higher eductaion: international standards & implications for Advanced educational programs”, Hanoi, August 2016

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Research project


Students feedback: Ecffective solution for improving the pedagogical capability of lectures of National Economics University. Code: T.2012.04TĐ. Research project, 2012.

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