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Vegeta dragon saiyan super z v 1

Sam currently was walking around the stage to find somebody who had super op luck, to summon for him, so he could pull Gull Power Freeza.

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After walking for a while he was suddenly met with a challenger, currently in front of him, Cualifla was standing to fight him.

Currently, Cualifla was trying to fight Sam but sadly for her, Sam wasn’t trying to fight some weakling but still, she ignored what Sam said and attacked him.

Sam saw her coming, immediately kicked her in the gut sending her flying. Find authorized novels in noithatvietphat.vn, faster updates, better experience, Please click www.noithatvietphat.vn/book/the-hack-system_11213437606293305/super-saiyan-4_37745431660254682 for visiting.

But as he was going, Cualifla got up and immediately charged towards Sam, Sam was already pissed from Goku ruining his plan so this time the moment Cualifla came close to Sam. He jumped up then immediately kicked her towards the ground.

Next, Sam put his feet on her head then said:”i already told you don’t bother me, I’m already pissed enough and here you are adding salt to my injury”.

He started to put more pressure on his leg, suddenly she started screaming before going super Saiyan to try to unleash herself from Sam’s feet.

“A 50 times increase in your power does nothing against the amount of pressure I’m putting down on you”.

Sam was not paying attention to anything else when he suddenly noticed a thin girl start to attack him.

The girl that attached him this time was kale, she landed a solid punch on Sam’s face but the punch did nothing.

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Sam squeezed cualifla’s head even more before saying to kale “you came here to save this weakling?”

Seeing this Kale immediately charged up her ki, and started attacking Sam but unfortunately, nothing happens no matter how many times she attacked.

She backed off and as she saw her sister in pain she started screaming before her body started to get bigger and gain more muscle.

She wanted to attack everybody in close range to her but the closest person currently to her was Cualifla and Sam.

Standing on Cualifla’s face made fell like he was some kind of Villain so he removed his leg from her head then picked her up and throw her towards kale.

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Kale started to attack Cualifla until the power of friendship took over and everything became as they were meant to be.

Sam currently was standing in front of Gohan, he went near him and the first thing he did was start talking “hey gohan, how are you?”

San had just met his favourite character in. Dragon ball so he was quite nervous, but luckily he hadn’t met Gohan when he first achieved Super Saiyan 2 or his ultimate form.

Hogan was quite surprised at the fact that this person knew him, so he said:” I’m fine, would you mind introducing yourself?”

Gohan previously thought that Jiren was stronger than Sam from the fact that Jiren had the upper hand in their first clash because of Sam trying to make some kind of scene where he had to look weaker

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Gohan was curious as to see how the 4th Saiyan form looked like and said:” would you mind showing me the form?”.

Gohan took a few steps back then Sam started to power up, he straight jumped to ssj4, unlike previously the stage infinite didn’t start shacking as Sam this time controlled his aura but he enormous power was still felt by everybody in the stage.

Jiren and you stopped fighting and looked at where the aura was coming from and immediately felt their whole be suppressed before Sam’s aura.

Even the grand priest aura wouldn’t compare to Sam’s current power, still, this wasn’t his full power as the current power shown by Sam still suppressed by himself and the system my million of times, to just make the same level as the people in the tournament in his base form but when he stacks his Saiyan forms it would just jump up to the peak of dragon ball’s power.

The audiences were shocked at such a huge power increase in Sam’s power but even though most of them immediately knew that Sam was out of their reach they still didn’t give up and were planning to fight Sam.

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